ugetwrekd got jailed.

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ugetwrekd got jailed.

Post  ugetwrekd on Tue Nov 26, 2013 11:12 am

account name? ugetwrekd

ingame or forums? ugetwrekd

punished by? bank

reason? because i was apparently "farming"

if you think you got punished for no reason we would like a proof: So I was at chaos ele with friends and kids kept showing up with no gear. I was bored so i would attack them and walk away. With that being said one of them took a screenshot and sent it to bank he then came to me saying it was "farming" and jailed me. Which if you type ::rules it never says no farming nor does it say the definition. Which according to blaze it is "farming someone for pkp, killing people that run back over and over." Which i never killed anyone i only attacked them so therefore i was not farming.

why should you get a second chance? because i was not farming i was just simply attacking kids with no gear at ele and according to blaze's definition of farming "farming someone for pkp, killing people that run back over and over" which i never did either of those.


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