Targeted for no reason

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Targeted for no reason

Post  wolfycrimsonblood on Wed Jan 08, 2014 10:54 am

On twitch, I've got the same name as on here: Wolfycrimsonblood. During a livestream of KrismPro's, I decided to change my daily routine of being bored out of my mind and try something new. It was my second livestream ever after all. I posted a few messages when, suddenly, I found myself TO'd which confused and insulted me. I had followed the rules (no excessive caps, nothing insulting to anyone, no time updating and no spamming of messages), so I had no idea who had TO'd me... But I knew I hated whoever it was. Upon release, I questioned who had TO'd me and got two replies. One was from a nice moderator (I can't remember his name though, which is a shame) saying it's pointless asking as whoever did it likely doesn't even remember why anymore. I then got another message from who I suspect was the person behind it. A rather uptight mod called Wagner who I'd seen either TO, block or delete several other people, some I feel weren't even guilty of breaking the rules. He told me that 'bitching about it' in length (which I can't help as I was raised to properly write out my sentences, not skip through them) was pointless. Essentially, he told me to shut up. I responded to him saying I was offended and that I'm not going to reduce my paragraph size simply cos he tells me to. I've been doing paragraphs like this in everything ever since I got online, I'm not going to stop anytime soon. Of course, lo and behold, I was TO'd again. At this point (even though I may still be wrong about who'd been doing it), I had grown a hatred towards this Wagner. The very moment I was allowed to talk again, I left a message on the chat board and left. That message I had to really bite my tongue with as I wanted to hurl my very large armoury of weapons at Wagner. While I can't remember the paragraph entirely, I'll sum it up by saying I apologized to Minx and Krism (though I doubt they saw it) for the situation, gave a somewhat light insult to whoever kept TO'ing me (even saying that I assumed it was Wagner though, again, apologized if I was wrong) and left. While I'm uncertain if I called the person TO'ing me a d**k, I feel that I'd not have used something that strong. That and I'd have used much, MUCH worse words to describe them for putting me in such a vile mood on a day I had actually considered somewhat fun till then.

I feel like I've been singled out and attacked for no reason. When slow mode was activated, I admit I had a few occasions when it informed me I was messaging too fast, but I fail to see how that was a problem as no one counts every second. I also made a few jokes about what Minx had said while on live stream. These were innocent gay jokes that offended no one. I should know, I'd be one of the parties offended if they were! It was simply puns about 'the wrong hole' and weren't in graphic detail. I also complained about a wave of four ads, though I didn't use caps on this as some would assume. This was because my net isn't designed for high quality videos. Those four adverts alone cost almost half of the amount I had used on the live stream (which is about 50-60MB. Not much but I'm on a 7GB a month net here and the livestream was kinda a treat of sorts). Finally, other then joking comments, comments designed to make people giggle (like saying "Confetti for all!" before the stream) or general talk/helpful comments, I did attempt to ask Minx and Krism if they'd wish to play online sometime. I can't remember if it was once or twice, but it wasn't the usual "Join my group!!!" thing fan boys do. Mine was simply asking that, should I manage to get some good games and better internet service, if they'd like to play online with me and my fiance as a form of couples date. Stupid? Perhaps, but I thought it was a cute idea, especially considering that Minx is British like I am. I wasn't attempting to make friends, I've had enough of them backstab me before, I was purely trying to suggest a friend session of gaming that may never happen (as in 99.9% likely to never happen).

With the acception of my hostilities when I left the chat (which I personally defend as my night had been ruined by some TO happy mod who didn't even bother to try and give me a reason for the TO in the first place), I fail to see any reason why I was TO'd. I can understand that leaving a message dripping with venom towards a spiteful mod may have gotten me banned, but I feel I shouldn't need a second chance. I feel that I should still be on my first chance due to the chain reaction that all started when someone TO'd me without any decent reason then failed to even bother giving me one! I, as a british citizen and human being, will not just sit there twiddling my thumbs and let someone punish me when I'm innocent. I stood up for myself, I was honest and I got banned for it. I'd be proud of being banned were it not for the fact it makes it look like I'm the bad guy! Anyway, I've rambled long enough and I'm sure whoever reads this doesn't want any further headache from me. To recap: Wolfycrimsonblood, banned on a Krismpro livestream, may or may not be Wagner who did it as I'm no certain but he wasn't polite when I complained about it, was likely banned for getting angry at whoever kept TO'ing me but I don't feel I should be punished for standing up for myself against someone who clearly didn't bother to give me a reason for the constant TO'ing.

While I'll be grateful to anyone who reads this and hope the ban is lifted and you understand my point of view and trust that I'm actually a nice guy defending his corner and nothing more, I've got so many scars from having hope that I'm just gonna send this as some from of closure and be on my way. After all, nice guys don't finish last, they'd just trampled by everyone else in the race.


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Re: Targeted for no reason

Post  Blaze on Wed Jan 08, 2014 10:57 am

Wrong format.


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