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Moderator application

Post  princejr on Tue Jul 23, 2013 7:51 am

Name: Jonas Prince Junior
In-game name: Eatmyk0s
Forums name: PrinceJR
Timezone(GMT +/- ?): CET / GMT+1 - Copenhagen, Denmark.
Do you play over the night? Usually I do but of course I've days where I'm spending the night catching up lost sleep or going out with friends.
Average of time you play a week: I would say that I'm AT LEAST online 5 hours a day, so that makes it minimum 35 hours a week, but usually 5 hours in weekdays and 7-8 hours Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
Are you active on the forums: Well I've not been here for long and don't get me wrong I know I'm making this application way too fast but I'v been playing 40 hours this week and I logged on the forums today because I had some suggestions for the server. So I posted my suggestions and went on to the 'Official staff list' and I saw that there was only 1 moderator so before the spot is taking I wanted to try as well. But on past servers I've been active on the forums a lot, I've 2 monitors so I'll be sitting on the forums at least 5 hours a day.
How long have you played PureChaos: I've been playing for 1 week only, but I've been online for 40 hours+ and I think I've what it requires to join the staff crew.
Explain why you should be mod : I know that you should choose me as a moderator and I know that I would be the perfect person for this job, here's why:
1. I'm active, and I'll always be. And when I'm active I won't be slacking around pking my self, because if that was what I would do I simply wouldn't choose to waste my time doing an application for the Moderator rank.
2. I'm very mature and I speak 3 languages. Both of these skills makes me able to solve a lot of problems right and fast.
3. I've a lot of suggestions for this server which I believe I would get out easier as a Moderator than just a usual player.

That's my application! Feel free to bump it if you like it.

Best regards,


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